"Because of the library. support and develop our downtown!

-Curtis Berstler

7:52 am

"Wonderful community to raise your children in and plenty in the area to explore. Great beaches just down the road!"

-Ben Bowne

7:52 am

"Because anyone can make a positive difference here and so many people do. "

-Chrys Egan

7:51 am

"Salisbury is a farming refinery town in the ghettos. The people here are nice but there are a lot of broken families."


7:50 am

"Honestly, this town isn't booming with business. There isn't really much to do here without going out of town. "


7:50 am

" Salisbury Maryland is a town that is full of people who genuinely care. A sanctuary for people to thrive and have hope for the future."

-Patty Ann Adkins

6:47 pm

"Great roads for cycling and running, and great local places to eat after those activities!"

-Brian Perez

6:47 pm

"Great place to raise a family with the zoo and parks not to mention all the festivals in the area. "


6:47 pm

"Because Salisbury has Rise up Coffee. "

-Mark DeWeerdt

9:50 pm

"I love spending the day thrifting and having coffee downtown on the Plaza. I always see someone I know and have good conversation. "

-Sarah Burr

1:29 pm

"The river, beaches, crabs, not too big, not too small, the Bay, picturesque surroundings, SU, & an overall great pace of life."

-Wayne Smith

3:46 pm

"I was born here, moved away for 6 months & quickly came back. I love my hometown and want to see it grow and prosper! #sby"

-Jackie Wellfonder

3:46 pm

"Because I wanted to experience true community, not be just a nameless face in an ever shifting crowd."

-Chad Brown

10:08 pm

"Salisbury always had and will continue to have my heart!"

-Jill Barbon

1:21 am

"Because Salisbury has a special place in God's heart, his love is relentless and visible hear. I wouldn't choose to be anywhere else."

-Olivia Bankard

6:46 pm

"the people , the weather, the food. Proud to.say salisbury born and salisbury bred. Just dont ask me "why somerset county""

-Cory Payne

5:06 pm

"My family has been here for generations and generations. I can't imagine living anywhere else! I love that I have such deep roots here!"

-Julie Messick

5:05 pm

"I don't have to go over the bridge to experience adventure or a thriving downtown atmosphere, It's right here, that's #whysby."

-Chris Mcintosh

2:17 pm

"From its history, its stately mansions, a university, and a meandering river, Salisbury could become a hip little hub. "

-David Etheridge

2:17 pm

"Because its small enough we can still sit down with local leaders even when we don't agree! And we have an awesome ZOO!"

-John Robinson

2:17 pm

"I don't have an accent here."

-Buck Jones

11:14 am

"Love the area and the people. The town still has a lot of potential. Don't want to be anywhere else."

-jim carpenter

11:14 am

"Not really crazy about in town Salisbury. The outer city limits and nearby small towns are a decent places to raise kids. "

-Joel Taylor

11:13 am

"Great things are happening in Salisbury and I am very excited to see them take place!"

-Laura K

11:12 am

"Neighbors that support each other during celebrations & sadness. A strong town with a great legacy & bountiful future. This is Sby. "

-Matt Drew

11:12 am

"Salisbury has all that is good in life. Why would anyone want to go anywhere else?"

-Dorothy Lawrence

11:11 am

"I <3 SBY I grew up here."


11:17 pm

"Why not!!???"


10:34 pm

"Because I wanted to live near the beach but I didnt want a beach town. Its got real people, real problems but real things to do."

-T Kopecky

9:30 pm

"SBY kept my attention after graduation because no matter where you go, there is a familiar face and a friendly conversation that awaits."

-Elaina Iosue

9:26 pm

"Not real crazy abut it."

-Joe A

9:26 pm

"Because of our history, and our potential."

-Wayne Witzke

9:25 pm

"Salisbury's community welcomed me with open arms. Now it is my home and I am so excited to see and create more positive changes for #sby."

-Julia Glanz

6:38 pm

"SBY ... an Eastern Shore town ... a river town ... a college town ... an emerging center for the arts and entertainment.

-Lee Whaley

6:38 pm

"SBY is where my parents & grandparents planted themselves as designers, healers & protectors. SBY is calling me to uphold their legacies."

-Katie Weaver

6:37 pm

"I'm in SBY because I wanted to be somewhere that I could know people and be known; you can certainly do that here... Love this place."

-Andrew Thompson

2:38 pm

"I am from here and came back to raise a family and start my career. I love SBY, it has a small town feel with some big city flavor. "

-Scott Malone

2:38 pm

"I knew the moment my wife and I visited the zoo that we were meant to be in this place. We love the cultural amenities! #sby"

-Aaron Long

2:36 pm

"It took leaving #SBY for me to realize how much of my heart resides there. I love the people and culture that make this city Home."

-Katelynn Johnston

2:34 pm

"SBY is full of people with different dreams, beliefs, and stories all standing together to make this City their home. This is my SBY."

-Derick Weaver

2:33 pm

"SBY is full of people with different dreams, beliefs, and stories all standing together to make this City their home. This is my SBY."

-Derick Weaver

2:32 pm

"We came for the schools. We stayed because of the people. SU offers the culture. The city provides diversity to each aspect of our lives."

-Gail Rayfield

2:32 pm

"Salisbury is the cultural, education and business center of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, the greatest place to live!!

-Bradley Gillis

2:31 pm

"This city chose me 277 yrs after its’ birth. SBY is destination. SBY is arrival. SBY is home. May the renaissance story continue..."

-Rev. Ryan Weaver

7:29 pm

"I like that Salisbury has everything that you could want from a big city but still retains its small town feel. #sby"

-David Corry

3:46 pm

"I graduated from Salisbury and decided to stay here because I love the laid back atmosphere that Salisbury offers. #sby"

-Bret Davis

3:45 pm

"I love the vibrant culture, picturesque downtown, amazing University, proximity to awesome surfing and faith community that permeates #sby"

-Robby Sheehan

3:44 pm

"This close knit community is excellent for beginning and raising a family. #sby"

-Brittney Marshall

3:43 pm

"I also love that we have all of these things while maintaining a small enough feel to get to know people and get around efficiently. #sby"

-Drew Freyder

3:42 pm

"Salisbury is continuously growing, allowing for more employment opportunities and the success of small businesses. #sby"

-Brittney Marshall

3:41 pm

"While attending the University I could see the development opportunities popping up around town, and I really want to be part of the growth."

-Bret Davis

3:40 pm

"I love that Salisbury is constantly growing. #sby"

-Jaron Fall

3:39 pm

"From multiple options for education to Friday night football games at the stadium, families interact and form close relationships. #sby"

-Brittney Marshall

3:37 pm

"I came for school, stayed for employment, but live to change the face of this town for the better (Isaiah 61). #sby"

-Robby Sheehan

3:36 pm

"I like that I can go almost anywhere and know someone or run into a friend. #sby"

-David Corry

3:32 pm

"I am now a commercial real estate agent in the area, and I truly enjoy being a part of this town. #sby"

-Bret Davis

3:31 pm

"Being so close to the beach is a big bonus! You can still enjoy the excitement of the beach year round without living directly in it. #sby"

-Brittney Marshall

3:24 pm

"I love Salisbury first because family is here. I also love the close-knit community of great restaurants, stores, movie theater and a mall. "

-Drew Freyder

3:22 pm

"We moved to Salisbury because deep down in our souls, we felt like this was the place we were called to make a difference. #sby"

-Robby Sheehan

3:12 pm

"My family has been in Salisbury for as far back as the records go. #sby"

-David Corry

3:11 pm

"Salisbury is the perfect place to grow, start a family, and enjoy life. #sby"

-Brittney Marshall

3:08 pm

"I recently purchased my first home and look forward to seeing the future of Salisbury as it works to revitalize downtown. #sby"

-Bret Davis

3:04 pm